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OilReco | Optimize Your Oil Production
OilReco | Optimize Your Oil Production
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OilReco’s patent-pending Petro XTR separator extracts the oil that remains in your produced salt water downstream of your current separation process. Our separator increases the revenue stream for operators from the existing waste product. And cleaner disposal water means increased oil production and lower saltwater disposal operating expenses by reducing the hydrocarbon fouling in your disposal wells.

OilReco Offers a No Risk, No Cost Solution to Greater Earnings


An OilReco unit added to your production facility makes economic sense for facilities that are processing 5,000 or more barrels of water per day with oil concentrations of 5,000 ppm (1/2 of 1%) or greater. We start by sampling your water to determine the concentration of hydrocarbons. If your site is determined to be a commercial site, OilReco will install and maintain OilReco’s Petro XTR separator(s), at no cost or risk to the operator.


OilReco will install and maintain Petro XTR vessels on a truly “win-win” arrangement. OilReco units are deployed on a profit sharing arrangement where we get paid when our technology does its job. The increased production from the vessel is shared on a 50/50 basis for the term of operation. Installation and operating costs are recuperated from the vessels superior separation performance allowing OilReco to deploy these vessels at no cost to our customers.

Seamless, Non-disruptive Installation

The Petro XTR seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, so there is no disruption of current well site operations. The installation of the vessels requires minimal onsite resources, and minor adjustments to the production facility. Temporary disruptions in the operation of the vessel avoid risk by returning production to previous pathways until the vessel resumes full operations.

Decreased Chemical and Maintenance Costs

You can lower your chemical costs, along with your disposal costs. After the Petro XTR processes waste water it is virtually hydrocarbon free. Injecting the cleaner waste water lowers the maintenance along with the associated downtime costs.

Improved Oil Recovery Means Increased Revenues

The Math

Research has shown that fracked shale wells have tightly bound oil emulsion in the co-produced water. If you are producing 10,000 bbls of water per day with a 1% oil concentration, that translates into an additional 100 bbls of oil per day, 3,000 bbls per month and 36,000 bbls of oil per year. At $50 oil this represents $105,600 per month and $1,267,200 per year after royalty and taxes, before the sharing of revenue with OilReco.

The OilReco Petro XTR 10K. Each unit is capable of processing 10,000 barrels of wastewater daily to recover your lost emulsified oil.

Case Study


The results below are from a single fracked Eagle Ford test well demonstrating the effectiveness of the separator in a tough environment. Production is believed to be from the Eagle Ford and Buda formations due to the H2S content in the produced gas, and the 29 gravity paraffinic oil.


Waste Water


Water Processed by OilReco’s XTR


Oil Recovered by OilReco’s XTR

Built By People Who Understand Your Challenges


With more than 110 years of oilfield production and service experience, OilReco’s team fully understands your value drivers, and the challenges of production in our cyclical business. Our technology and business model enables operators to optimize their produced oil. Whether oil is trading at $45 per barrel or $95, the Petro XTR separator allows you to maximize your oil recovery and increase your bottom line, risk free.


615 Leopard, Ste. 640
Corpus Christi, TX 78401-0641